Behind the Soap: An Intimate Look into the Nascency of CRAVE 

Crave was birthed from a desire to make shower, bath, & spa time a bit more exciting, enticing, elegant, and decadent. 

We wanted something that was, not only quality, but also fun. We racked our brains trying to find our niche in the wide world of soaping, and suddenly we felt that feeling you feel in your gut when you know that something is just right.  You know, the one where your stomach is making all kinds of strange noises and you feel like you have to do something to satisfy these urges you’re feeling. Wait, those feelings aren’t butterflies.

They sound more like  Cravings! (Cue powerful “Star Wars” theme music) Thus, Crave Confectionery Soaps was born. We found our niche in creating elegant dessert themed soaps, scrubs, jams, balms, frostings and much more that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and provide you with whimsical pleasure and delight.  Our patisserie is rapidly growing as we attempt to indulge your senses in every way possible. Senses overload is in full affect! Go ahead. Escape into your cravings.