Crave Me; Don’t Eat Me

Ok, I get it. Our products look like decadent desserts that you crave everyday. That’s the point! At Crave, we found our niche, not in creating soap but, in creating elegant sweet treats. From cupcakes to body frostings to macaron balms, we can satisfy your sweet Cravings. The best part is you won’t put on any pounds. Yep, you heard right. ZERO pounds!

I love sweet treats, but too many sweets equal extra pounds. Crave’s got you covered. Indulge in your favorite donut hole bath escape or your favorite body frosting moisturizer. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy. Crave’s treats are created in a vast array of colors and fragrances. We use only the safest and most natural ingredients. It’s ok to take us in and have a senses overload. Crave our products.

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