I’ve always had a passion for making and creating things. There’s such an indescribable feeling of accomplishment that touches every piece of my soul. I enjoy feeling proud of myself. I began soaping as a result of creating my own hair products. My mom saw my passion for creating beauty products and suggested I dabble in soap making. Initially I was apprehensive, but I tried some basic recipes and fell in love. It was literally love at first sight. After I saw my final products, I realized the possibilities were endless! I actually made soap, something I never dreamed I’d even want to make soap. I enjoy challenging myself. In my mind, I can make ANYTHING I want to make. My mind doesn’t even process “can’t”.

With this mindset, Crave has began to blossom into the business of my dreams. Continue on this journey with me as I attempt to change lives and liberate my mind and soul by living my passion. I Crave success. What do you Crave?

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